Initial Publish

Initial Publish originated from the independent bookstore Small Small Bookshop established in 2006 in Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City. Small Small Bookshop embraces knowledge sharing and accumulation as its core values, specializing in contemporary literature and books including humanities, social sciences, philosophy, and art. Small Small Bookshop organizes periodically courses on creative writing and creative drawing, as well as books clubs dedicated to world literature, Sinophone literature, humanities/social sciences and philosophy. It also sets up activities such as talks on cultural and social issues, documentaries screening and book launch events.

SmallSmallLifePromoting Association was founded in 2009 to promote art and cultural  events in local communities, and has since published two magazines SmallLife in Yonghe and Small Writings.

To promote more brilliant creative works in writing and art, in 2011 Small Small Bookshop funded Initial Publish, which has published fewer than 20 species, including novels, proses, poems, graphic fiction,chorographies and reading magazines, and issued an bimonthly magazine“本本/ a book “referring to books and reading in 2014.        


To encourage more artistic and literary creations, Small Small Bookshop went further and found Initial Publish, which has produced about 20 publications so far, including novels, essay books, poetry, graphic fictions, chorographies, and magazine issues on reading. In 2014, it published a bimonthly magazine called “本本/ a book” covering topics on books and reading.

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