Far Away From Home


Chen-fu Chang


Chen-fu Chang

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20 x 20 cm



This is a story about a short-tailed kitten lacking confidence. He never left his parents and home full of caring and warmness. One day he became homeless by accident. While wandering alone on the street he met “Cat boss” – who taught him the law of the jungle. However, the short-tailed kitten was not happy because he was often in a fear to be defeated if he was not strong enough.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. He decided to leave Cat boss and went on a journey to look for himself. He met the other homeless and Maria who worked in the foreign country. In the end he met Madeleine, a travelling poet, and realized that there are more ways to survive in the jungle. Yet, more possibilities for him to discover.

This book is originated from the life of the author. Jeff Chang is from Tuku, Yunlin. Just like everyone else he worked in the big cities after graduating from college.  The endless overtime made him confused that he quit his job and hit on the road after working for a few years. He met whole lot of different people during the trip and found that life is full of possibilities. He has learned to open his mind and embrace the unknowns.  What he wants to tell by this book is – keep going and never give up no matter it’s good or bad. You will find that life is full of possibilities and you are able to go further than you could imagine.