Wanna steal a hold from your hand




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64 pages
180mm(W) x 225mm(H)
First edition



TWD 300

Human beings are not islands; we search for our so-called "selves", but mostly the "self" is built up by other people's perceptions projected onto us. 

In people's lives, we don't begin with a concept of community; we start from the bottom and generate feedback through interaction. Even though the results are usually not what we expected, through ambiguous behavior - "stealing" -, a vague space is generated around us in which we can move back and forth in order to avoid getting hurt. "Holding hands," we make a connection; in the process, we steal and are stolen, thus gradually completing ourselves. 

The poetry collection, Wanna Steal a Hold From Your Hand, describes the life of the protagonist from seventeen years of age on through the next seventeen years; she employs every possible method in pursuit of her life's desires until faced with the inevitable - death and destruction - in which she rediscovers the texture of her life, an accumulation of time passed. 

With the accompanying photos in this poetry collection, words and images wander freely as two seemingly parallel lines, but through each person's life experience and reading habits, connections are generated and recreated in another form, resulting in different perceptions of the words and pictures. 

Miss you, holding hands, stolen.